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Our Rabbits Room

Welcome to our Rabbit Room, this warm and homely environment caters for children aged 0-2 years of age. Our Baby Room offers an exciting start to nursery life for your child.

As nursery can be very daunting for both your child and yourselves, we work with you to create a cosy environment that your child will feel safe within.

Ease your child into the Nursery

We offer a range of settle sessions to support with starting nursery and these are offered with both yourselves and your child to gradually ease into nursery life. Upon starting with us, you will meet with your child’s Key Person, so they can fully understand the routine you have already established at home.

Babies explore inside and outside

Within our Baby Room we have a lovely spacious area for all the babies to explore, through walking, crawling, sitting and cruising milestones. We also have a cosy area for time spent together reading books.

The Baby Room also offers lots of opportunity for outdoor play with their adjoining baby garden to the back of the baby room; out here they explore different activities such as early mark making, sand and water play, role play, and physical development.

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