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Our Hedgehog Room

Welcome to our Hedgehog Room, this friendly and caring environment caters for children aged 2-3 years of age.

Within the Toddler Room, this is where your child will really get to develop and explore their physical development, as with many Toddlers they are full of life and energy.

Learn through play

Our adjoining Toddler Garden supports our Toddlers to explore a wide range of activities from gardening, sand and water play, bike riding, climbing skills and developing their mark making.

Explore, Create, Play......

Our spacious Toddler Room offers plenty of opportunities to explore a wide range of activities such as construction, role play, messy play, play dough and painting and many more! We also have a book corner for your children to sit with their Key Person and friends to share a story.

We also support our Hedgehogs to develop life skills such as sharing, taking turns and potty training. Your child will have a Key Person who will support them through all these natural process to Toddlerhood.

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