Squirrel Room – Pre-School


Our squirrel room is where our children begin their pre-school journey ensuring they are ready when the time arrives for school life. In this room children follow a play-based curriculum which reflects the Early Years Foundation Stage requirements allowing them to learn at their own pace individually and with friends.

This room is very busy with the children choosing what they wish to do, from creating drawings, paintings and stickings in our Art Area to dressing up, building train tracks, playing in the home corner, reading books or using the computer. Children in this room also have free access to the garden with the doors open all day so they can go outside to play as and when they choose. The garden is packed full of wonderful things allowing them to continue play on a larger scale exploring the outside, playing in the sand pit or riding the bicycles. In our allotment area children are able to plant fruit and vegetables and watch them grow – experiencing the different textures and smells of soils, herbs and plants and probably most popular of all filling up the watering cans to give everything a good drink. Our children love watching the trains go past and giggle with joy when the horse pops his head over the fence from the field next door!


Our children are given the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities designed to encourage them to develop in all ’7 area’s of learning’. Opportunities will be made for children to make choices for themselves and to experience spontaneous unplanned activities such as snow or the arrival of a tractor. We help them to develop creative, social and personal skills through play to gain awareness in the world in which we live.


Our children benefit from the positive support and nurture of their key worker with whom they form a good adult and child relationship. Each key person creates a ‘Learning Journey’ folder in which observations and photographs are recorded to detail a child’s personal progress and development in all 7 areas of the EYFS. We encourage parents to add their own comments, experiences and photographs to the Learning Journey so that we can also see children’s progress at home. Partnership with parents is a vital component of the Early Years Foundation Stage and one which we strongly advocate and support.